Beztroski Melanż (EN: “Carefree Party”) began as a group of friends meeting in clubs and pubs. Friends brought their friends, and their friends brought more friends – eventually, Beztroski Melanż became a regular get-together. Now, Beztroski Melanż is a well-known brand with a lot of history and a lot of parties behind it. It is still about friends and partying, but also about feeling and looking good.

When Beztroski Melanż was just starting up, the founders could have never predicted how big the brand would become, and today their dreams have come true. However, they did not realise that their logo was a replica of someone else’s design, and so they quickly needed to rebrand. As such, I was asked to design a new logo and a new brand strategy for Beztroski Melanż.

Drink up!
Rebranding is not an easy task as customers already know the brand and recognise the logo. However, it can actually be a great opportunity. To begin with, I uncovered the most important features of the Beztroski Melanz brand, such as friends, familial atmosphere, being yourself and having a good time. Next, I picked out photos from some of their previous parties to make a mood board for inspiration. I was then able to come up with a design that evoked the right style and feeling for their brand.

I also checked and pick some photos from earlier parties for mood board.
I sent a proposal idea, logo and some part of  strategy to my clients and they just...refused it. I was confused but of course I asked why, we reviewed together the idea and logo and we concluded that it was to soft and smooth. They looked for something more 'hard'.

Refresh yourself and go
We decided to worked on something new, so we came back to brief and mood board once again and then we realized that Beztroski Melanż as brand should be more 'premium' and 'adult'. So customers could wear it as well to work as to party

Clear mind 
I decided to focus on the idea of ‘friends' and humans relations. I used negative space to make a hidden message about the secret to great parties…alcohol. These two ideas inspired me to design a family friendly logo suitable for all situations e.g. at home, in restaurants or at parties.
Round and round 
The logo was created by drawing the same sized circle on a grid – a similar feeling to being drunk on the dance floor or staggering home in the dark.
Moodboard's photos ©Beztroski Melanz by  Brixuphoto
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