Selected apparel design which i made between 2015-2016. You can find here collections inspired by street like gambling, extreme sports or Rasta nomads.

Poker is as enjoyable as dangerous game. Gambling displays wide range of emotions from euphoria to despair. It’s all about stimulants and addiction. 
Nobody is sure of the next move, so let’s have fun till death.

Being a team member is important, but find the proper one is not easy. As first gangs
used sprays and blood to take territory as nowadays crews use just a wear. Icons and slogans are like shout, when We looking for someone in an crowd.

This collection is focusing on skateboard culture.

My little Universe starts and ends in my mind. This is just a connection between ideas, emotions and dreams...or just beginning of my adventure with photo-prints.

African masks are used during most of important tribe’s events. Europeans also wear masks for different occasions, some for parties and some for daemon’s birthday.
However it’s good to care about all of them and keep them in good condition.

„Tribe” it is a tribute to African's tribes and roots of Rastafarian.

Kids don't care about meal ingredients, healthy food, sugar or fat. They just eat what they is tasty. But they should know sad truth: Fast food - it's a slow death

Speed is fascinating and humans always looking for improve their way to move. Better shoes, healthy horse, expensive car with bigger engine and now it is time for bike fixies.

If all you need is just a 2 wheels, 2 pedals and one gear that mean this collection is for you.

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