You have already know my name so it is time to say something more about me and my point of view.
I am an engineer of Production Systems and self-taught graphic designer. During my studies at Gdansk University of Technology I learned about  management, marketing and systems thinking, which I constantly use while working. Through trials and errors I learned that every single experience matters. 
Even when I work on a small project I never lose sight of a bigger picture. I always look for patterns and models describing the world around me and use it to find the best solution for project. I am not looking for one of million solutions, I want to find the perfect one, which creates certain emotion in audience and be useful for my client in way that we reach during the brief. 
Seven years in rugby field taught me how important is every single game-play element and the team - no one can win matches alone. If you are interested in working with me, please let me know. 
Working together
For me design is not only art and creativity but also time, reso­ur­ces and abi­li­ties mana­ge­ment. More­over it is a good way to meet people and learn about their busi­ness, life and pas­sions.
It is not easy to find the right per­son to work with, espe­cially if there is a limi­ta­tion of time or reso­ur­ces. I am aware that many people and even com­pa­nies have limi­ted reso­ur­ces (e. g. space, people, money). I am also aware of the exi­stence of time and deadli­nes.
My expe­rience and way of wor­king allo­wed me to cre­ate a sys­tem of coope­ra­tion and good design pro­cess. I know how to ask good questions which will appro­ach us to the solution, I know how to manage time and I know how take advan­tage of exi­sting oppor­tu­ni­ties and use ava­ila­ble reso­ur­ces. All of this to make a usa­ble, func­tio­nal and good design.
How much you should invest? £100 ? £500? £1000? My work is not about earning money (of course I need them) it is about you and show you how great you are. My work is about making dreams true - your as well as mine. If you need a good designer do not hesitate ask me.