Brand name in English means something like a 'Your Culture/Environment'.
An non-governmental organisation supporting young people to make their dreams come true in sport, dance and art. 'Twoj Klimat' want invite street artists to make a better events. It is all about freedom, youth and dreams. 'Twój Klimat' runs for young and they will be create it. 
Little Empire and Rebels
I decided to make this logo like a kid who would like to mark his and his friend's area. I also decide brake some logo's rules and trends. It is ragged and a little blurred, it is not a geometrical shape, there is no grid, no simplicity. It is REBEL like a kid's mind. Logo is metaphor of chasing dreams - free of grid, rules and restrictions. Be free and be yourself.
One more time
I needed many tries for each letter to make sure this is it. I was split between many tools to create letters (spray, brush, marker, chalk) each of them gives letter characteristic style and emotions. Each one needs other space to tries so at the final I chose brush and ink. I use drawing paper roll and that gave me space I needed to made many versions of each letter and picked the best ones to complete whole logo. 

Personal note
Work on this project was one of the elements which motivated me to made some hard and important decisions which at the end brings me relief. So go on 'Twoj Klimat' - I am the first who is free thanks to you.

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