SAMONE is Software Asset Management company based in Poland. Company based on trust, knowledge and attitude to help others in their business.
Helping Hand
As many people know when we put two to two together we receive more than four and the Knowledge works exactly in that way.

Finding help for our own business is not easy. Experience, know-how, tools, software, network structure and many other factors could make us in a quandary. Sometimes all we need is outsourcing. Someone to make it. Sharing is caring... Especially knowledge sharing.

My client was looking for a name with a chunk 'SAM' in it. Because in Polish language "sam" sounds like "some" I proposed 'SAMone' which could mean someone who can help.

I decided to make logotype with sign at the end which symbolize reference mark. I also add optional notes below. The notes below describe what kind of person customers need. A man to help, to trust, to make it, to solve the problem. 
Reference mark at the end has also some other meanings which are First Aid, organizational structure with outsourcing and a few more. 

Make it clear
I used four colors which symbolize trust, knowledge, technology and fresh look. The best person for cooperation should have all of these features so I decided to use gradient. I also designed pattern by using reference mark from logotype and made a big organizational structure. 

I designed brand new font for the notes below logotype. You can check typeface here sometype™. I also chose two fonts to keep SAMone clear and readable. First one for headlines and slogans, another one for texts. Both are available for free for my client on google fonts.

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