Everywear is a rising star at street wear fashion world. They are driven by inspirations from around the world.
Brand mission is simple: Be Everywhere
Wear is it?
Street wear market growing fast and everyday hundreds of the new small brands star new life. Many of them are nothing more than copy of current trends, focused on the one point they rise and fall with life like a butterfly.
Everywear is the brand with an aspiration to be an inspiration. It is impossible to be inspired and be an inspiration if you stay in place but everyone need place to start. So where is a good point to start new brand and how to manage it in so unpredictable market?

Keep going
I lie emphasize on brand mission and decided to moved whole brand. To be everywhere means something more than 'be' it's mean 'be in motion'. You need to be around the world and keep going.  
When Everywear runs around the world and come back to normal it...start again. Logo can be rotate by any angle, so many time as it needs and it always is readable.

At the end/start of brand name is big black dot which represent The Moon. Proportion between 'moon' and 'earth' in logo is the same as real one between The Moon and The Earth.
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